Live video streaming mobile app development

for Ecommerce, Match Score & More


It's not just a normal e-commerce app or a marketplace, It is enhanced with the live streaming feature using which sellers can go live and show demonstration of their products. customers can watch the prodcut on live video and can also send messages during the live video session. App is also enhanced with one on one chat, inventory management, online purchase etc.

  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES Give sellers a way to showcase their products in original size, shape and color on live video.
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES Enable the customers to see the real products live rather than watching the edited images.
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES To provide the faster way of communication between seller and buyer using one on one chat
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES To increase the sale by help of upselling algorithm.
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES A rich backend to upload and manage the stock and generate reports.
  • Stream Live

    Go Live and show amazing features of your products to the world.

  • Upload Products

    Easily upload products using the mobile app and create your inventory.

  • Product Switching and messaging

    Switch products during the live using the available products list and respond to the messages of customers.

  • Online Store

    Create your seller store,Add your products and start selling quickly.

  • Instant chat

    Chats with your customers and answer their queries regarding the products.

  • Likes, Follow and Share

    Customers can send the hearts to the live videos and can also follow the sellers so that they get notification whenever seller is live.


UI Design

App's UI design is build using customer centric approach. UI is blend of beautifully designed with keeping Total time spent on UI design: 424 hours

App is developed with latest technology stack. API are build using node.js and integrated with native Android and iOS platforms.

time status

The total volume of work done was much greater than initially planned. We successfully developed the backlog features faster than estimated and completed many additional tasks. The latter influenced the timeframe a bit, but the customer was satisfied with the end result.


  • Estimate of time -720h
  • Actual time spent -960h
  • Additional tasks -240h


  • Estimate of time -720h
  • Actual time spent -820h
  • Additional tasks -100h

Front End

  • Estimate of time -240h
  • Actual time spent -240h
  • Additional tasks -0h
Technology Stack Behind Our Live Streaming App Development

We understand the need to evolve with time. Thus, we take pride in being among the preferred food delivery app development company due to our innovative and groundbreaking designs and development which are loved by one and all.


After the app’s release, the client received initial feedback from users. Based on their opinions, we continue working on the app to optimize and improve it as well as to add new features. At present, the customer is intensifying his efforts to carry out a successful marketing campaign.